Indian Cooking Basics

Tempering and Using curry leaves for cooking

What are Curry Leaves and How to Use Them For Cooking

The aroma of fresh curry leaves cannot be compared to any other herb. It's unique, irreplaceable ingredient for many authentic ...
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Homemade curry powder recipe

Easy Homemade Curry Powder Recipe

It is so easy to make homemade curry powder. It is fresh to taste and includes the top spices that ...
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how to reduce spiciness in Indian food tips

How To Reduce Spiciness In Indian Food and Save Any Dish

What if the dish becomes a little spicier or hotter than you like, should you then start over again? Absolutely ...
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How to make Indian curry

How To Make A Basic Curry Sauce Without A Recipe

Indian home cooks don't actually follow a recipe to cook an Indian curry, as the process of making a base ...
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Ultimate Beginners Guide To Cooking With Spices

One of the best ways to add instant flavour to dishes is cooking with spices. They not only give a ...
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List of Indian spices with hindi names

Top 28 Indian Spices List With Pictures and Their Use

A comprehensive and a pin-up list of top 28 Indian spices with their Indian names, pictures and cooking tips on ...
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