Guest and Sponsored Post

Looking for a blogger to write meaningful and research-based posts for your website or blog that connects with your readers?

Let me help you with doing the legwork with my expertise and experience and all you need to do is simply post it on your website!

Brand Collaboration

Are you a brand looking to promote your products and services to your ideal target customers without any guess work?

With 33k unique visitors coming to my website and a following of loyal readers, your brand has the advantage to be in front of potentially interested customers.

Contact me here, if you are a spice company, sell kitchenware and online grocery store for possible brand collaboration and reach out directly to your ideal customer base.

Consultancy & Recipe Development

Are you a restaurant owner or run a catering service wanting to stay ahead of your competitors?

Do you wish to create a unique & authentic experience for your customers that makes you stand out?

Being an end-user customer myself, I share with you the hidden secrets on what goes into your customer's mind that will help you create a menu that is both exciting and enticing.

It does not just stop at menu planning. I work with chefs and train them to bring authentic yet modern flavours into dishes that make it your signature dish!  

I can help develop authentic recipes

Indian Themed Events

Want to organize a Bollywood style Indian themed event and do something different for your friends or colleagues? Or maybe a traditional Indian evening?

I can help with making arrangements with all including food & catering, entertainment, activities, costumes and music.

All you need to do is, contact me with your requirements and leave it to me to make the arrangements for a truly unique fun event!