April 12, 2018

What Is Ground Coriander : A complete Guide on Benefits, Cooking, Buying and Storing

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Coriander powder is one of the must-have spices in any Indian household. Read on to find what is ground coriander, why should you include it,  how to use it for cooking and the benefits. 


Coriander powder or ground coriander as many prefer to call it,  is used not only in Indian cuisine but in different international cuisines due to its versatile mild flavour.

Whole coriander seeds, are dried and then ground to a powder form to make Ground Coriander.

It’s a staple in any Indian kitchen but is also popularly used in Mexican, Southeast Asian and Meditteranean cuisine.

This mellow spice is extremely versatile and accommodating to any dish it is used in. Add it to vegetables, meat, milk product, legumes or whole grains.

It is one the friendliest spice I know.

If you have just started using spices, ground coriander is one of my recommended 5 spices to start with.

Adding a teaspoon of ground Coriander will give any dish a subtle pleasant taste without being overwhelming.

What is Coriander powder

Ground coriander the offshoot of the coriander plant or cilantro.

While coriander leaves are clearly the leaves of the plant,  the seeds are the seeds from which powder is made.

The unassuming flavour, expanse of usage and adaptive nature of this powder makes it a spice panty must-have.

What is Ground Coriander Called in Other Languages

English – Coriander powder, ground coriander, Cilantro powder, ground Cilantro

Indian – Sabut Dhania in ‘Hindi’

German – Koriandersamen

French – Graines de coriandre
Spanish – Cilantro en polvo

What Does Ground Coriander Taste Like

Coriander powder has a unique taste which is difficult to pin down.

Being a mild spice with a universal taste ,coriander powder simply dissolves into the dish it is used in, making a standalone flavour difficult to comprehend!

If I was to choose a flavour profile for this spice then I would say it has a nutty, sweet smoky and woody undertone.

It falls into the warm/ sweet spice category.

Which means that it is a popular spice to use as a base ingredient to make spice mixes and blends.

How to Use Ground Coriander for Cooking

Coriander powder can be used in many different dishes.

It is a basic ingredient for making the base gravy of most Indian dishes.  Ground Coriander is used to make curries, soups and stews.

Also a popular spice for making spice rubs and spice blends for marinades, spice mixes and sauces.

Try using this very versatile spice in your pies, stir-fries or even for salad dressings to give your dish a spicy woody taste.

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What is Ground coriander? Uses and benifits of cooking with coriander powder

What is the Difference Between Coriander Seeds VS Ground Coriander

While coriander seed is a whole spice, coriander powder is the grounded form.

Unlike the flavour difference between fresh coriander leaves and the dry counterparts, the difference of taste between whole coriander seeds and ground coriander is pretty nuanced.

In terms of flavour, coriander seeds have a more robust, woody flavour with a strong citrusy note when compared with the more mellow flavour of coriander powder.

The essential difference is the way they are used in the cooking process.

Like most whole spices, coriander seeds are used at the beginning of the cooking process or to make rubs and marinades.

Ground coriander can be added directly into the dish midway through the cooking process and incorporate the flavours into the dish.

Benefits of  Ground Coriander

Prevents salmonella growth – The addition of coriander powder to many Indian curries is because it fights harmful salmonella bacteria preventing it from growing. 

Anti-Allergic properties –  Few clinical studies have supported the thought that coriander contains anti-histamine properties.  This helps reduce allergies especially related to skin irritation and hay fever.

Helps increase appetite – For those who suffer from a loss of appetite can benefit from consuming coriander powder with water or added to a juice drink.

Aids in Digestion -Ground coriander when consumed in tea form, help maintain a healthy digestive tract. It is good for relieving nausea, diarrhea, flatulence and indigestion.

Best Food Pairing with Ground Coriander

Coriander powder is a very flexible spice and goes well with any food item and mostly all spices.

Best food pairing: beans, cauliflower, chicken, curry, couscous, eggplant, fish, lamb, lentils, meat, peas, potatoes, rice, soups, stews

Best spice pairing: asafoetida,  bay leaves, cardamom, cinnamon,  cloves, cumin seeds, dry chilies, fennel seeds, mustard seeds

Spice Substitute for Ground Coriander

The flavour of coriander powder is very mild and subdued.

One has the option to either omit them from the recipe if you wish. However, the following spices can be used as an alternative to ground coriander

cumin powder, curry powder, coriander seeds (crushed)

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Where to Buy Ground Coriander Powder

Ground coriander is easily available at most supermarkets or Indian grocery store.

Wherever you choose it from make sure it is from a trusted source.

Coriander powder should be bright mud brown in colour. Ensure that the powder is smooth and not lumpy.

Check the manufacturer date as old coriander powder tends to have less taste.

Ensure that the packs or jars are tightly sealed.

My suggestion would be to buy whole coriander seeds instead of coriander powder and make your own coriander powder at home.

Recommended Products

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How to Store Ground Coriander

Coriander powder tends to lose its freshness pretty soon if not stored properly.

Keep it in a tightly sealed glass container, or if it’s in a packet then close the opening of the packet tightly with a clip. 

Store ground coriander powder in a dark, dry place away from direct sunlight.

Well stored coriander powder will keep its character and flavour for almost a year.

Easy Recipes with Coriander Powder to Try

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Your Views and Recipes 

Do you use Ground Coriander in your cooking?

I love to hear your kitchen adventures so please share any recipes or tips.

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