March 6, 2017

Corporate Team Building Cooking Class

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Corporate Team building cooking class in Basel, Zurich, Bern Switzerland

Get to know your colleagues outside work and shed the corporate suits for aprons and arrange a fun-filled corporate team building cooking class.

Enjoy the experience of teaming up with other work colleagues to chop, roll and stir up some spicy pots!!

The little tips shared during the class will pleasantly surprise the even the non -cooks!

Classes involve working together either in pairs or individually with cookery based quiz and lots of friendly banter.

Choose a set menu or create your own.

Get to learn more about spices and the basics of Indian cooking. Classes can be held in our kitchen or a location of your choice.

The costs include a casual friendly sit down meal, all ingredients, complimentary drinks and recipes. You also get a chance to buy organic spices at the end of the class.

Please use the contact form for a customised Team Building Cooking Class.
Class cost: chf 100 per person
Time: Flexible or as mutually agreed

Thankful for Every Click to Share