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Thank you for visiting my page and taking the time to know me!

Picture a 30 something woman zipping through the house in jammies with scrunched up hair, rocking a crying baby in one arm and helping an older child do her homework while keeping an eye on the pot of mishmash simmering on the burner!!

That would be me and perhaps many other moms out there who wish they had clones of them to get all things done... IN TIME!!

Simplifying Spices to Make Indian Cooking Easy

I love to cook but without the lengthy prep time, complicated procedure and hate to go grocery shopping.

Indian food being the favoured meal at home and having just contradicted the saying 'Cooking Indian food is HARD', it actually seemed an impossible combination to balance.

My solution was to scavenge around the fridge and the cupboards and rustle up meals with leftovers or whatever spices, tins, packs and bottles of food I had.

Of course I had to do the basics but with a bit of imagination, experimenting with different spices, use of fancy gadgets and few healthy cheat tricks brought me results!!

And soon I realised that I did not need to depend on 'quick and easy' recipes and follow instructions or make numerous trips to the supermarket to buy specific ingredients to cook for my family everyday.

All I needed was to understand the basics of cooking and the combination of spices and flavours.

That is when I turned from being an Instructional cook to an Intuitive cook making my life in the kitchen so much easier and fun 🙂 

Why I Started Blogging 

I am not a food writer nor a qualified chef or someone with years of cooking experience. I am an ordinary Indian woman living in a western world who simply thinks that life as an expat can be demanding without any family support and new surroundings and cultural disparity to adjust to.

You miss family, friends, and flavours from back home. Apart from the emotional baggage one carries in unfamiliar surroundings you have the additional task of ensuring a functional household while trying to carve a career for yourself.

After all the daily grind, spending a chunk of your time in the kitchen can sometimes be more of a chore than what is supposed to be food cooked with love, for your loved ones !!

My blog is simply an extension of me sharing what I have learned and still continue to learn the methods, tips and tricks to make cooking Indian food easy.

Welcome to My Modern Indian Kitchen

Its not yet another Indian recipe blog. The blog is an invite to take you into my modern day Indian kitchen and show you HOW everyday Indian food is made and WHAT you need to make a quick easy healthy homemade Indian food!

Apart from Indian cuisine, I also share my stories on how with the simple use of spices I have introduced different cuisines and flavours to my family with minimal effort!

My posts are my virtual attempt to take you into my kitchen and demystify Indian cooking and uncomplicate the use of spices for you.

How to make Indian food at home - A beginners guide to cooking Indian food

An easy 5 step guide to cook with Spices

25 most common Indian Spices list and their use 

Of course there are recipes, few of which I have cooked up, few traditional and some fusions!!

I absolutely love to see the joy on the faces of the attendees after a cooking class when they make their own dishes and continue to gain confidence to cook Indian food at home.

I sincerely hope you like my attempt at trying to help simplify your culinary cravings for Indian food and join me by sharing some of your thoughts too.

Privileged to Be Spotted by BBC Food Chain 

In my short blogging span, it's been very encouraging to be invited to participate in a Podcoast by BBC food chain on introducing chillies to children. 

You can hear the podcast here.

I am here to listen, share and help

I am sure I am not the only one looking for kitchen shortcuts. I would love to hear your kitchen stories, tips or concerns. So,  please feel free to write to me at [email protected]