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Shrimp Pasta

Shrimp Pasta In Oriental Sauce

An oriental twist to classic pasta made with lemon grass, soya sauce and coconut milk. This Shrimp pasta is a ...
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Spicy Lamb and Potato Curry

This dish of spicy lamb with new potatoes needs only 5 ingredients so to speak off! Its one of those ...
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Spicy Corned Beef/Quorn Mince Hash

Being an Indian, beef surely was not the first choice of meat since cow is regarded sacred in India so ...
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Spinach Mushroom Pulao Rice

With both my pregnancies, I was committed to eating healthy, taking all the extra supplements and exercising as I wanted ...
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Kolkata Style Mughlai Parantha

Kolkata, erstwhile Calcutta as named by the British is considered one of the cultural capitals of India. It is also ...
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Baked Beans Sausages Bruschetta

A Sunday morning lazy brunch is what brought about this recipe of  Baked Beans Sausages Bruschetta! Our household had a ...
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